What to expect:

Expect a service time that will run approximately 2.5 hours. 
Service starts at 4:00PM. Worship starts at 4:15PM.
We usually transition at 5PM to announcements, testimonies, and various shared words.
We then listen to a message from a speaker. Lastly, we close our services with communion, giving time, and prayer. 
After church, many in the fellowship eat dinner* together. This is a great opportunity to get to know people more closely.

*Dinner location is announced during church.

Is there children's ministry? 

Yes! Each week the children do new fun activities and crafts that help them grow in faith and love.  

Are there other ways to get connected to the community?

Yes! There are various events we do as a community that you are invited to. You can start by joining our Facebook page, which gives information about upcoming events. You can also ask to join our private Facebook group where people from our community encourage and build one another up through testimonies, prayer, and help. Follow the Facebook link below to our Facebook page.